29 June 2009

Sailor turns FOUR!

What a birthday we had!  My little monkey is four now, and we had quite the celebration for her.  I told her that she could pick any birthday she wanted (theme) and originally it was Hello Kitty. For months she talked about it.  Then the week before we got one of those "Birthday Celebration" magazines and she saw a Hawaiian themed party in there and she was sold. I wasn't quite sure how I was going to do it, but it seemed to all come together.  We rented a big jump house and had little swimming pools. Everything was set up and looked so great.  The party started at 4:00 and by 4:40 the rain started to fall.  Seriously, of all days?  The whole week was beautiful weather and of course so was Saturday.  But Friday, her birthday, it's the one day that it rains. So my luck! So we all huddled in under the tent and were able to eat and sing Happy Birthday.  It was kinda cozy and fun.  The kids ate under the picnic tables and the adults stayed under the tent (thank-you Claudia).  It seemed to be clearing a little so I went in to make the pina coladas, and of course my mom comes in ten minutes later and says that it is raining hard and the wind is blowing.  So they started taking all the decorations down and moved the party in the garage to open presents. Oh well, it will be a party to remember.  I think the kids had a blast.  Luckily they didn't care about the rain.  P.S. I have a great source for cakes.  Sailors cake was so cute, yummy and cheap ($28)!

17 June 2009

All I want for Christmas is.....

All I want for Christmas is.....my two front teeth.  It finally happened.  They are both gone.  I was getting so worried that the one tooth would come in before she lost the other tooth.  I am loving the way she is talking with her lisp.  I keep trying to get her to say funny things with lost of S's.  It is so cute, but sometimes it makes me sad to see her continue to get so big.  I swear the clock never slows down.  

Happy 34th Birthday Booza Man!

Bryce turned the big 34.  He is getting so old. We had such a quiet birthday this year.  We saw Angels and Demons and went to dinner with some of his family.  The best part of his birthday I would say was the presents the girls picked out for him.  I took the girls to Honks (a dollar store) and gave them each three dollars.  Paige picked out a skull key chain, some cologne (awesome!), and a padded navy blue diploma holder.  She thought he could put a picture in where the diploma should go.  I have to say her gifts were much more thought out then Sailors.  So Say-Say ran around wanting everything, but finally decided on, here goes....black scissors, yellow plates, and green napkins.  I so wish I could have been in her mind as she thought these were the best picks of all.  She is such funny kid.  The best part is when she saw the items she said "This is what daddy would LOVE".  So probably not the best birthday, but still super fun!

Cage and Crew stay a few days...

So my little 5-year-old twin brothers came to stay for a few days.  I think I totally exhausted them.  We went everywhere.  I packed in Thanksgiving Point (twice), Jumping Jacks, a carnival, and Temple Square all in three days.  We had so much fun.  But the best part is the looks everyone gives me when I am hauling 5 kids ages 6 and under.  The people think I am crazy!  I just smile and keep on walking.  My girls were in heaven having them here for so long.  It was the first time they had ever stayed at my house.  It was a little hard trying to please all 5 of them.  I think Crew was mad at Bryce and I because we tried to get him to eat the dinner we had prepared and he thought it was gross.  I just told my mom that I wasn't making 5 different meals to please them all.  I guess Crew will learn that real soon when he has to eat school lunch. I have total sympathy for my sis-in-law Kristin and all her young kids.  It can be exhausting, but so much fun.  I love my little brothers.  They both have such different personalities, but are both so sweet.  They have such huge hearts and are going to be great men, I'm sure of it.

Visiting Grandma!

In the middle of May we took the kids and my little brothers to see my Grandma play at the Joseph Smith Building.  My Grandmother plays the piano there on Wednesday nights.  It was so much fun to see her and listen to the beautiful music.  She has a friend that plays the violin along with her and everyone that comes in just stops to listen because it is so amazing.  I love my grandma so much and it feels so great to be able to support her finally in some small way. She has always been a constant in my life.  I don't think she has ever missed a birthday party, piano/dance recital, or anything that was important to me.  She is always there for everything.  I love her with all my heart!