22 October 2008

Thanksgiving Point!

So we braved Cornbelly's and the Scarecrow Festival all in one day.  The kids had so much fun with some of their cousins.  Even Cash came and had some fun! I love the fall time and halloween is one of my favorite holidays. It's nice to have the weather cool down and it not be so hot. Although, that means winter is coming and I really hate being cold. Cash is such a big boy riding a pony and sitting by the pumpkins at 2 months exactly!

He is chunckin' out!

   Cashy is starting to get a little meat on his bones. I love when they start to fill out. He just hit his two month mark and we had to say good bye to the 0-3 month clothes. So sad!  The car seat is already getting heavy. He has been smiling so much. Nothing makes me happier. He still is being difficult at night. I wish I knew how to get my babies on a schedule. However, the other night he slept through the whole night and I was so excited until.... I found out bryce had given him some childrens nightime NyQuil. That little sneak of a husband. I could kill him!

09 October 2008

Cash's Room.

This is my dad, Drake with Cash at 6 weeks old. He is now 7 weeks old and I'm seeing the chunk starting to form.  I so love chubby babies. 

Ok, so for all of my friends who live far away, finally here is a picture of Cash's room.  Some things I think turned out, and some I would change if I had more money.  I have known I wanted to do gray and orange, but had such a hard time finding this color of orange, so you can see my lame attempt to add more orange in painting canvases and the cheesy letter.  It is so hard when you have girls first and get furniture that goes with their stuff and then have to switch it to boy.  I do love my tree on the wall!  Someday, maybe this monkey will actually sleep in his room.