27 August 2009

Cash's 1st Birthday!

So a whole year has gone by and I cannot believe it. It seems like just yesterday Cash was born. It was so fun to plan a little birthday party with 7 other babies. It was fun to have all the babies the same age so they were all at the same level. We did a farm themed party at the park. I had my friend Amy bring her little dog Phoebe to play with. Then we played in the pool with the balls. My favorite part was when they all painted with pudding on place mats. Cash was a superstar. He really got into it. It was funny to see the different personalities of the babies. Some were more reserved and didn't get into it as much, but for the most part every baby went to town with their pudding. Since they were all dirty we let them dig into his cake. Again Cash was the star of the show. It's so funny because my girls were both more careful about getting dirty on there first birthdays. Not Cashy! I was a proud mama! Thanks to everyone for coming and spending the day with us.
Just to remember as his mom: Cash is just starting to stand up by himself with out holding onto anything. He says mama (which means nu-ma for food), ball, dada, wo-wo (when he sees a dog), ba-bye, uh-oh, he shakes his head no, claps, plays peek-a-boo. I'm trying to get him to drink cows milk, so I'm doing half formula, half milk. His birthday was the last time I nursed him. I'm so sad about it. He is a great sleeper now. He gets so excited to go to bed and snuggle his blue barefoot dreams blanket. There is a square in the middle of the blanket that I think is made out of silk and he loves to bite on it. He seriously is the fastest crawler in the world. He has figured out how to turn around and then stand up in his highchair. So now I have to really strap him in. He loves to pull the drawers open and pull everything out as fast as he can. He will watch me to see if I see him, and then if I start to go to stop him he will just pull faster before I get to him. I can see a little bit of the boy destructive personality everyone has been telling me about. I love that he is SO boy. He is just so chunky! He weighs 23 pounds. I love having a boy, it is so much fun to buy boy stuff. I can't wait to see what he is like in a year from now. I'm just so in love!