07 February 2010

Flashback on Paige at 18 months

Seriously, where has the time gone? I know I keep saying that, but this feels like just yesterday. I was looking at these pictures of Paige and thinking that she reminds me so much of Cash. I couldn't help but post them being it was just her birthday and these are the earliest pictures I have on my computer of her. When my friend took pictures of us in Logan it was the first for me on a digital camera. Isn't it weird to think of pictures before digital cameras? I know I was probably a little behind the times even then, but it is so fun to go back and look and have them on the computer. I can't even remember the feeling of just having Paige in my life. It was such a fun stage for me. We were best friends. I remember waking up and eating eggs for breakfast while we watched reruns of Dawson's Creek and The Wiggles. We would go on walks everyday and have chips and guacamole for lunch. We would wait for Bryce to get home from work and then go visit the dogs and the horses across the street. One of my happiest times in my life. It was so simple and easy. Boy, life can really get hard and change. I wish I could go back then and start again. She had so much personality. I love her so much!

06 February 2010

My Paigey Girl turned 7

What a fun couple of days. Paige had such a great birthday. She had begged to get a bigger bike, and was so thrilled to see we had listened. I decided to surprise her and have lunch with her at school. I love school lunch! I remember loving the green beans and now they get the option of chocolate milk. YUM! Well... kind of yum, the chocolate milk that is. We then went outside and played with her friends for recess. The next day we took a bunch of her friends to Seven Peaks for an ice skating party. It was seriously a blast. I really got to skate with the kids and enjoy myself. For sure one of my favorite parties ever. It was so fun to watch the girls pick up on skating. Sailor was cruising around with that walker thing they offer the little kids. I'm so sad another birthday has come and gone! I love Paige so much. She is my tender heart. She is constantly a worrier. I swear I get asked on a daily basis if something is going to kill her, like for example just now she asked if she was going to get a heart problem because she licked a toy sword she got at a birthday party today and it tasted weird. She called me while at a movie in tears because she thought she was going to die because she blew on a whistle my sister courtney had blown on before she died 8 years ago. Just so intense about everything, germs, a red spot on her body, looking at the sun. I just LOVE this child!

This kid of mine....

He is extremely obsessed with any ball!
This is his Grandpa Lowell tongue.

He thinks he is so funny. This is him trying to smile for the camera. Eyes always closed. So adorable!
Loves to help vacuum. And there is the eyes closing again because he knows I have the camera.
Such an adorable smile, just open your eyes for me baby!
He is showing me his teeth. He is obsessed with the tooth brush and teeth. He will stand on the stool in the bathroom and say teeth over and over until you get out his tooth brush and then he has to dip it in the water over and over. He loves his blankie and calls it deedee. He is such a great climber. I'm still so shocked at the temperament of boys vs. girls. He is very aggressive and will hit you hard if he is mad or doesn't get what he wants. PS. He is still a daddy's boy, and doesn't give me the time of day.

Christmas Morning 2009

The kids had a wonderful christmas. Paigey got a new scooter and american girl kirsten clothes and bed. Sailor got a fairy tent and the american girl Rebecca. Cash got a new blanket and a lion. Cash gave the blanket a new try, but still loves his old, but the very same, blanket better.