03 October 2010

Family Pictures 2010!

My great friend Becky Kimball (thekimballfamily.blogspot.com) took our family pictures again. She is such an amazing friend. She even soaked her Tom's stepping into the marsh looking for a great spot. That's a die hard photographer! Love her!

Funny Kids!!

An after school ice cream snack. They think they are so funny:)

Good-bye Baby Caprese!

So hard to say good-bye to this sweet baby. Next time I see her she will look a whole lot different I'm sure. Summer left to Hawaii with her husband for school. Hopefully, we can get there to visit!

02 October 2010

First Day of School

Finally, after the long summer of playing, the girls started school. I feel horrible loving that they will be gone for part of the day, but my sanity my be more important. Paige started 2nd grade and Sailor is in kindergarten. The school started a full day kindergarten class at the last minute and Sailor got in. So that means I'm home with just Cash all day. This is great because it allows me to work doing eyelash extension for part of the day while Cash naps. I always love these first day of school pictures because it's so early in the morning and the sun is always in our eyes.

Cash turns 2!

We celebrated Cash's birthday in Logan going to the little park and zoo they have there. We did Seven Peaks as a family and had cake. I can't believe 2 years have come and gone. He now is obsessed with Buzz and Woody since his cake and new Woody jammies. He calls them his Buzz jammies. Soon he will realize they are Woody. He is talking so much and says a new word everyday. Some words I'm not sure what it is he is saying. I've just figured out the month long mystery of the word "Baby Habva", he means London who is his cousin. He has a hard time saying the "SH" sound, so he calls his shoes "thooze". He still refuses to try and say his name. He calls himself, Baby. I take Cash to Little Gym every week. He is obsessed with the "jumpy jumps", bubbles and "backetball". He is out of control there. It is probably my favorite time of the whole week watching him go so spazzy. He literally squeals and screams he gets so excited. He is quite the daredevil. He just peed in the toilet for the first time the other day. I think it was a fluke because he hasn't since, but will get toilet paper and wipe and flush. He also is now reverting back to baby bottles. He asks for "juice baba" everyday, and when he says "peez"(please) I can't resist.

My Handsome Guy!

Seriously, I love this little boy. He can be so naughty, but I just love him. We went to Logan to visit my family for one last getaway before school started. So fun to be with people you love!