31 August 2008

Cash...almost 2 weeks!

Aren't they cute? Like father, like son!

Paige is already teasing her little brother.

Grandma Soup (as we call her).

Grandpa Drake.

Great Grandma Self (my Grandma).

Great Grandma Lloyd (Bryce's Grandma).

Cash waving Hi to everyone with Aunt Ashy.

First Day of SCHOOL!

My girls are growing up and I hate it. Paige started kindergarten at Rock Canyon Elementary and Sailor started preschool. I think I would have shed a few tears, but with no sleep I barely was able to keep my eyes open. I am so excited for them to meet some new friends and have some fun. Sailor tells me that Ms. Silva tells her to, "zip it, lock it, put it in your pocket".

23 August 2008

Cash has arrived....finally!

Our sweet little boy finally made it here. He was born Monday 8.18.08 (i'm so excited about the date). I got started on the pitossin about 7:30 am and had him at 12:55 pm. He was 8 lbs. 9 oz. asn 20 1/2 inches long. Bryce said he would have "weighed in" more had he not peed all over Dr. Thorup and in the plastic bin. He is adorable and I couldn't love him more. I have to say I was a little nervous having a boy, but he has my heart! We are so grateful that he is healthy and everything went great. We appreciate all the love and support we have had at this special time.

17 August 2008

Our last day as a family of four...

Tomorrow is going to be the big day!!! We couldn't be more excited. It finally came to having to be induced. I was so hoping to go on my own, but I guess this way you can really be prepared. I've had my hopes up for the last two weeks with all of the contractions. I didn't contract with either of the girls so everyday I thought, "this is it". Then I would wake up in the morning ticked that I'd slept through the night. I will be 39 weeks tomorrow and he will get the birthday of 8.18.08 which is pretty cool. I wanted 8.8.08, but oh well. This last week has been really hard. I had both of my girls at 38 weeks and to have to go one extra week is a killer. It's funny how after 38 weeks each day gets so much worse. Well, it will be all over tomorrow. I just hope everything goes well and he is healthy.

Sending off the Missionaries...

So my cute in-laws left August 9th to Singapore on a public affairs mission. We were so sad to see them leave. We went up for one last dinner and the girls went to pick flowers with Grandma in the yard. It is going to be so hard not having them right here in Provo with us. But, I am so excited for their new adventure. I hope at some point we can go visit them. We were trying so hard to have this baby before they left. I'm sad that the baby is coming only 8 days after they have left. Ohh well, that's the luck, right?