10 November 2009

My birthday again!

What a great birthday! I wish I could freeze myself at this age with my kids. It is such a great stage in life to be. I woke up to a new shirt and new shoes. I has so much fun with high school friends the night before and my sister-in-laws for lunch. Bryce and I caught a movie and dinner. And it was great. I am so lucky to have so many friends and family who I love so much. Thanks for all the birthday wishes! And the shopping mom!

A Witchy Hallloween

Halloween was so much fun this year. It was the warmest Halloween in a long time. It always makes it so much more fun when you are not freezing too death. This year my sis and I went to Gardner Village to the witches extravaganza. We met up with sister friends Melissa and Tiffany and all of our cute kiddos. It was so much fun. We went on the hay ride to a witches house and the witches told us all about their magic and potions. We buried a cockroach in their cemetery and learned about what they use in their bath. We then caught the beginning of all the witches coming in for the witches night out, and let me tell you, their were so many witches you could barely walk around. My kids were fascinated with all of them and their elaborate costumes. We also did a friends Halloween party at a park and the kids got to trick-or-treat and decorate pumpkins. And then out Halloween tradition is to meet up at aunt Kristin's for soup and doughnuts and trick-or-treating. The cousins all love to see each other dressed up. We decided to be Wizard Of Oz this year except Bryce never did dress up with us. We wanted him to be the tin man or the scarecrow. Somehow at last minute Bryce grabbed the Nacho Libra costume and put it on again for the family to scream at. It's quite a sight....I couldn't make myself post the picture again. :)

Cheer Camp

Timpview Cheer Camp. It was so cold this year. The girls did the Orem High cheer camp this year as well but it was much more pleasant. The Orem High camp was in September and the girls loved it. They were totally getting into the cheers and did a great half time. Paige kept kicking her leg in the air and was really moving. Then we did the Timpview camp and because it was so cold they literally just stood there. Sailor at half time didn't do one part of her dance. We will know for next year to make sure we stick to the earlier ones that are warmer.

First Day of School

Paige is in 1st grade and is gone all day. She loves here teacher and her friends. She especially loves to have school lunch. She is so smart and in such great kid. Sailor is in preschool and is doing the reading program and I am so surprised at how well she is reading. It is just clicking with her. She loves her teacher Mrs. Mulliner. Mrs. Mulliner is my very favorite of any teachers my kids have had in any kind of school. She really is the best and is so motivating to my kids. I hope she is still working when Cashy is in preschool.

Random Summer Pictures

Since I have been the worst blogger and so much time has passed I thought for my own records I would post some summer shots. They are not in any order which I hate that blogger does that but ohh well it's faster then doing each picture individually. So here are some randoms of us in St George at the Facers house for 4th of July. We swam our hearts out and went and saw Annie at Tuacahn. Jalynn feed us the most amazing food all weekend. Thanks to Mykelle and Riley for having us come with them and A BIG THANKS to the Facers for letting us stay in their beautiful house. What a great family. We just love them! There are also pictures of when my in-laws came home from their mission at the airport. It was so great to see them for a little bit before they had to head back. We miss them so much and my kids are dying to have their sleepover with grandma and have her do manicures, pedicures and read stories. She promised them that when she left again and I am still hearing about it. Their is a picture of Cash dressed as a girl that I found on my camera. I guess when the babysitter was here they thought that would be funny. Such a cute Boy/Girl! Also some pictures of BYU summer camp. The girls had so much fun learning there. Paige studied all summer about butterflies, and Sailor about recycling. They also did a music camp and learned all about composers and instruments. We had such a great summer and I am missing the warm weather and the tan so much!