27 September 2007

Bella's first Birthday Bash!

Look at all the fairies. It was my niece, Isabella's birthday. She just turned the big "ONE". We had so much fun being with all of our friends and family. Thanks Mykelle for throwing a killer birthday party. It was amazing!
Sailor going in for a birthday kiss!

Me and my cute girls!

Betty and my cute niece Amy Beth!

Mykelle doing fairy tatoos!

Isn't Paige so cute? I think so!

Look at the sad birthday girl!

Shelby, Addie, Capris, and Bella!

Sailor eating her yummy cupcake!

Kesley, Presley, and Kerbie Galland!

18 September 2007

New York in a minute!

So we took a quick trip to New York for the weekend. I LOVE NEW YORK. It's one of my favorite places to visit. We left the kids with Grandma Judy, and had the time of our lives. We stayed right in Times Square just around the corner from my favorite popcorn place (which I ate everyday). We went and saw Wicked again and I had chills the whole time and tears were in my eyes. We also saw Jersey Boys (awesome, but bad language) and Mary Poppins (soo cute). We met up with a friend, Paul Sui. He is the nicest chinese man you'll ever meet. We shopped SoHo and I think my new favorite color is purple. I should really expand and buy something other than purple, I just didn't realize until I came home. So sorry to all my friends who have to see me in so much purple!

Book Club Rules!

This book club is awesome. Look at all these beautiful women. Lisanne isn't in the pic because she is taking it. Lisanne has put together a die hard book club. There are three commitees (food, book, and house). You can only miss three times and your out (exception death and birth). This will really weed out the flakes and force us all to read. It's great! Lis, thanks for all your hard work. I know I'm making friends I will have for life. Thanks to Ash (marrying Jon), I feel like I have another extended fam. We all need to go on a big family vacation (The Anderson's and Christensens take Hawaii)! P.S. Becky Kimball has more pics on her blog.

Princess Paigey!

We went to Gardner Village with some of my cute sisters Mykelley, Tiff (Buff Dog), and Betty. Paigey looked so cute wearing her tutu all around.

05 September 2007

More Summer Fun...

We all went to the Provo Towne Center for the carnival. Our girls think we are taking them to Disneyland. I rode on one ride and was sick the rest of the night.

GO COUGARS! Paige and I got in trouble by Bryce becasue we didn't wear blue. Who knew?

Here we are taking one last swim for the summer. This dirty diapers disease in the public pools has thown a damper on our swim fun. Luckily we didn't get the nasty virus and were able to find other pools.

Summer Time!

Paige's first day of school at Learning Dynamics!
Relaxing in the Hot Tub! Aunt Mykelle brought Bella for a swim!

Deb, Paige, Kate, Jennie, Me and May!!!
Can you believe it was my 10 year reunion? All of us got together the night before and went to dinner and shopped and had a big slumber at the Grand America. We had so much fun being together. Kelli couldn't make it because she was doing a dance show in California. Danya is pregnant and I guess didn't want to come. We missed you Kel and Dan!

Goodbye Aurora!

It was a sad time for us, Paige's best friend Aurora moved to Texas. They are both so sad to be away from each other. Kelly (Aurora's mom), and I took our princesses to Dear Lizzie for one last rendezvous.

01 September 2007

Dr. Oz on Oprah. I love this guy!

The five best foods to eat to live a longer life...

1. GARLIC (best not cooked, because it takes all the good stuff out.)
2. TOMATOES/TOMATOE SAUCE (I guess when you combine tomatoes with oil it's even better for you.)
3. OLIVE OIL (always buy in a dark bottle and keep in the fridge. When left on the shelf it loses the good stuff. )
4. SPINACH (cooked and fresh)
5. ALMONDS (not roasted)

When I say "good stuff", who knows?
He also said POMEGRANITE was amazing for you. I'm not quite sure why.