11 February 2009

Katy Perry Concert ROCKED!

So much fun!! We had a blast! Last night Becky, Beth, Mindy and I went to the Dodo for dinner and then headed over to the concert.  It was so much fun to have a girls night out without kids, although there were some kids their at the concert. What were these parents thinking.  I loved having the small intimate environment.  Anywhere you went you could see her really well. Paige asked me this morning if Ariel was at the kiss the girl concert. Isn't that so hilarious. She must have heard me on the phone telling someone about one of her songs. I told her that Ariel was there and it was so much fun. P.S. I stole these pictures off Becky's blog and I don't know how to make them smaller.

Our Texas Trip!

So I took Paige to Texas to see her best friend Aurora. They live in Spring, Texas. We had so much fun in the warm weather. I had to take Cash with me since he is attached to me at all times. I didn't have the heart to live him with anyone in fear they would never talk to me again. Kelly, Aurora's mom, is also one of my best friends. While the girls played we sat on the couch with our babies and gabbed. I've never met anyone who can talk like Kelly. There is never a boring/silent minute. I love that we can talk about the dumbest things and be totally entertained. We had fun watching the girls take off on there riding lesson. They were gone for over an hour on an adventure. The girls both thought that was the most fun of the time they had together. It was fun watching them bust up while the horses were peeing. Kids think that is so funny. We took them to Walmart to get their nails and toes painted. Paige kept telling Aurora that we were going to the "salon".  We also went to dinner to celebrate her birthday and the whole restaurant sang to her and we ended up getting our whole meal for free.  It was great! Thanks Kelly and family for letting us come stay and play. We love you so much and miss you everyday! 

Birthday Fun!

We met up with my parents to celebrate Paige and my twin brothers, Cage and Crew birthdays. We played at my Grandma's house and then took them to McDonald's play land for some fun. My brothers just turned 5. They are getting so big and cute. I love their personalities. They are so different from each other but so much fun to be around. My parents gave Paige for her birthday my sister Courtney's American Doll, Kirsten. It is so special to have this doll and her clothes to remind me of her. Courtney would be so excited to know that Paige has them.  Paige hasn't been able to let her out of her sight. Bryce and I gave her Kit for her birthday, so now she has two of them. We took her to Kiddie Kandids to get her 6 year-old picture taken and she insisted that the dolls be in  the picture with her. It was adorable. I love Paige so much. She is the best little girl. She is so obedient and smart.  I feel so lucky to be her mom!

can't believe I have a 6 year-old!

Paige's birthday was filled with lots of family and friends. She was able to invite a few friends, Halle, Abbie, and Addie to Dear Lizzie for lunch. Her friend Halle has her same birthday so it is always fun bringing her with us. We had a great time talking about their favorite princesses and the funny names their dad's call them. Paige told them how her dad calls her "beef chimichangas with double extra cheese", "stinky dog" and "doggie-ria". The girls were laughing so hard I thought they were going to pee their pants. We then met up with all of her aunts, uncles and cousins for bowling. They had lots of fun all together.  She had a Tinkerbell cake and got lots a presents. Thanks to everyone for making Paige's birthday so special!