19 December 2007


Sorry about the millions of pictures...I got carried away! We took a family vacation with the girls and some really close friends, the Burkinshaws. We have been friends with the Burkinshaws for a long time. Bryce and Ryan met in the MTC, and Janae and I have been frinds since we lived in Arizona 5 Years ago. It was so fun to spend time with friends that feel like family. Paige and Navie got along so well, and Sailor adored Blakley. Their baby Jag was a dream child. We went to the Big Island of Hawaii for the first time. It was beautiful. The island has an active volcano and tons of lava rock everywhere. It was quiet and peaceful. We played everyday at the beach and in the swimming pools. I had such a great week being with my family that I got tears in my eyes when we had to say goodbye. Thanks Ryan, Janae, and kids for helping make our vacation one we will never forget! We love you!

16 December 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

We had such a fun weekend in Logan with my family for Thanksgiving. We played a family football game followed by an amazing dinner. My mom always knows how to make things looks so magical. It was fun to spend time with my Grandma Self, my aunts Brooke and Paige, and my cousin Gardner. Of course the highlight is always holding the best baby in the world London. We couldn't stop giving her kisses!