06 December 2008

Merry Christmas to all!!!

This one is my favorite of my two handsome men!

So I finally braved the family picture. Does anyone dread them like I do? Does it almost seem as though you need magical powers to accomplish them? I swear I need to physically gear up for a couple of days. In between telling Sailor to stop tilting her head so it touched her shoulder, Paige with a fake smile that created a double chin, and having to whip out the feeding device for Cash so he would stop crying, I'm shocked we got a few of the whole family that turned out.  A friend recommended her neighbor AMY HARRISON (here's a plug for you, amyharrisonphotography.blogspot.com) to take them.  She was amazing! She couldn't have been cuter to my family. Soooo much patience. I am so happy with how they turned out.  She truly is talented.  

04 December 2008

Cash's Baby Blessing..

Aunt Mykelle with Paige.
My mom and dad.
Aunt Kimmie and Uncle Dan. They flew in from Cali for Thanksgiving. 
Aunt Tiffany and uncle Andrew and Aunt Ashley and unlce Jon.
Paige with cousin Mitch and uncles Cage and Crew.
Uncle Riley and uncle Jeff.
I found the girls Sally, Maggie and Livy playing and singing on the piano.
My cute friend Claudia who always wants to hold Cash. She's baby hungry!
My aunt Paige and cousin Gardner with my Grandma Self.
Me with all of my sis-in-laws. Aren't they so cute!!

So we finally blessed Cash. We tried to give him Triaminic to knock him out, but it didn't work. He started to cry through the last half of the blessing. Ohh well, what do you do? After the blessing we went to Lowell and Judy's house and had soup and salads and the yummiest cookies. Ok so the cookies are these lemon drop cookies that you get at Cookies By Design. They seriously are the best things ever!!! They taste like lemon bars, but better. We had so much fun hanging out with all of our family and friends. We feel so blessed to have such a wonderful support system. My family are my best friends! Thanks for coming and sharing your love for baby Cash!

The Kindergarten Feast!!

Paige had her Thanksgiving Feast in kindergarten. I was able to come help set up and serve the kids.  Bryce made a potato soup for the kids that was amazing. It was so cute to watch the kids act so grown up.  Paige said she was thankful for "everything" (so creative).  This is her friend Grace. Gracie is a twin and she lives next to my in-laws. They have lots of fun together and it has been fun getting to know Gracie's mom Kristen. 

Sugar Cookies...

So we attempted the yearly sugar cookies. I have the best recipe that makes the cookies extra soft. It has sour cream in them. The girls have their own mat and rolling pin and had so much fun. Sailor on her own went to go get her apron and hat to make it official.