21 February 2008

The Sweetest Girls!

I know everyone is wondering if I am still alive. Yes I still am. Sorry to all of my friends and the blogging world for being so lazy these last few months. I promise I have a great excuse....I'm pregnant! I know, it was a surprise to us also. All those out there with IUD's be careful. It happened to me. So I am about 14 weeks pregnant and and due in August. Could there be a hotter month to be fat and pregnant? Anyway, I'm feeling like the dark ugly cloud is lifting and I might just have a little more energy. Although, I was still too lazy to go get my camera downstairs and upload pictures. So, I decided to put these up of my girls I had taken for Christmas that were already on my computer. It is fitting since I owe them and my husband a great big "thank-you" for being so patient with me. My family is my world. I think I have the most amazing and beautiful girls. I feel so lucky for all that the Lord has blessed me with. Thanks also to all of my wonderful friends and extended family for all of the support and help lately. I appreciate all of the vistits and phonecalls. I feel so loved!