09 May 2009

Cash on The Ellen Degeneres Show!!!

So last year my sister-in-law (Mykelle) and I were on the "Ellen Degeneres Mother's Day Baby Shower Show".  IT WAS INCREDIBLE! We had so much fun.  Ellen gave her audience tons of free baby stuff (stroller/car seat, crib, bedding, bouncy chair, diapers, meals, TV, baby monitor, diaper bag...etc).  We couldn't have been more thrilled for all the free stuff.  So yesterday was her 2009 baby shower show and I sent in a couple pictures of my cute little Cash to see if they would show him as a baby that was born from the year before.  SURE ENOUGH, he was on there. They had three different segments were they showed the babies from the year before and he was on the 2nd and 3rd segment. If you go to www.ellen.warnerbros.com and go to Ellen in a minute with Ryan Seacrest you see him by Ryans head a lot.  Then there is another segment with "An expectant mother wins a car" and you see him by Ellens head a lot. He had great positioning I might say. So much fun to watch!!!  I would cut and paste all of the video clips except I don't know how to use this dumb Mac.

07 May 2009

All In A Day...

So my Paigey Girl lost her top front tooth and learned how to ride a bike all in one day. I've got to say, it's a little too much growing up for me in just one day. As much as I am excited to see her getting older, it kinda breaks my heart. I beg my girls every night before bed to "stop growing up". Of course they just laugh, but I sincerely mean it. I can't tell you how many pictures we have of Paige with her "horsey teeth" as Bryce calls them. She sucked on a binkie until she was four and as a result we got these awesome choppers.  Then the sad part is when you get one child that is big the other one wants to be as big, so they grow up even faster.  I guess that is why you keep having babies, so there is always someone that is little. Boy, I sure love my girls. 

Easter Eggcitment!!!

Easter was kind of low-key this year. We usually party it up with my in-laws, but the are on the forever mission (can't complain they are halfway already). So we celebrated Easter with the bunny this year on Saturday and left Sunday to be about Christ. That worked out really well for us. I think I'm going to try to do that from now on. I had to do sharing time on Sunday in Primary and I learned so much about what Christ went through before he was killed. I can't believe the whole story (knowing he is going to die, being betrayed, freeing Barrabas, apostles falling asleep, being denied..etc). Can you believe it? Maybe everyone already knows all this but me.  Anyway, it was a great Easter getting to know Christ a little better. I'm just so thankful! PS. Thanks to Summer Whalen for putting on the most amazing Easter Egg Hunt!! We had so much fun. I think it doubled in size from last year. I promise I'll contribute next year:)