26 August 2010

Bear Lake

I love Bear Lake. I grew up going there every summer. It really feels like home to me there. There is a smell and feel in Bear Lake that just feels so good. Everyone had so much fun playing in the water and the sand.

Funny Kid!

Cash is almost 2. He sure looks good in pink. This is how Cash likes to fall asleep with his blanket over his head. He calls his blanket dee-dawl. Weird! He says so many words but won't say his own name. He yells for me in his crib by calling me by my first name.

Sailor Leigh turns 5!

Sailors birthday (June 26th) was a fun filled day. We started out with presents like we always do. If you notice in the picture she is wearing her favorite Pj's with this headband that I bought from my friend Carlie for a buck. It is always worn as more of a sweatband across her forehead than ever on top of her head. Still to this day the headband has to be worn with the Pj's to bed. She also creates outfits that will go with the headband. I didn't realize that it would be such a hit. After presents we did the Provo City children's parade. We decorated their bikes and went with the crowd showing our true American pride. Then my cute grandma drove from SLC to give Sailor the dress she is wearing in the picture. Sailor loved her present from Grandma Great. Then we had a Wizard Of Oz camp out Pj party in my in-laws yard. Sailor picked the theme because she found the Birthday Express magazine and saw lollipops on the Wizard of Oz theme page. So she was adamant that she have a party with the big round lollipops. If you notice I spent hours making the rainbow cupcakes. I know, I know, I'm tooting my horn, but it took forever layering each color in the paper liners. I thought they were so cute:) Anyway, Sailor is such a great kid. She is always so happy and smiley. She is constantly kissing me all the time. Sometimes I have to remind her that I'm not her boyfriend but her mommy and the kisses should be really short. She is always singing and wanting to play dress-up. She is going to be starting kindergarten and is so excited. I can't wait to see who she becomes. I think something great!

25 August 2010

My new niece, Caprese...

So Summer will probably kill me for posting these pictures of her because no one thinks they look cute when they check in the hospital, but I think she looks gorgeous so I'm doing it anyway. I love my little Caprese (we call her presey). She was born June 18 and was so tiny. I have loved holding her and getting to know her. She is such a great little baby. I got to watch her today and she melts my heart. Summer and Brian are moving to Hawaii to finish school so I'm going to miss them so much. I love my sis and her cute family! I promise to try to come visit!

Dance Recitals

We loved doing the dance recitals as a family. Paige and Sailor took from separate places so we were able to make each one of them feel special by having their own night. Flowers are a must now. How can you get out of flowers when they are given them once? You can't and then they start asking where their flowers are for things like singing in school at Christmas programs.

Good-bye to teachers and school

Paige had such a great year in Mrs. Nicolli's 1st grade class. She made many new friends and kept some great friends she had made in kindergarten. Mrs. Nicolli loved Paige but always wanted her to pay a little more attention. Funny huh? Us girls like going to LaLa Land sometimes:) Sailor had some great teachers for preschool also. Mrs. Mulliner is my all-time most favorite. There is such a genuine sweetness about her. My kids love her! Isn't funny how fast a school year can go bye? Summertime here we come....

Face Painting at IKEA

There is this lady that does the most amazing face painting. We have seen her at Riverside country club and then ran into her at IKEA. I have her card somewhere and I know she does parties. Maybe I can dig up her info if someone needs a great party trick.

Easter 2010

We had a great Easter this year. We did the annual Easter Egg Hunt that my darling friend Summer puts on and the Easter Bunny made it to our house on Saturday. Sunday we celebrated Christ and his sacrifice. I truly love Easter Sunday!

He kills me...

These were taken in March of this year. Yes I know I am very behind in my blogging. Now that school has started I'm going to try to catch up. I keep saying that this is the only way I'm recording events other than my voice on the video camera. So Cash immediately learned how to climb to get what he needed. Along with more messes and vacuuming. He is really going to give me a run for my money:)