19 December 2010

Going to visit Summer!

Well, we made it to the warm sun in Hawaii. I took the kids to go visit my sister Summer and her darling family. They are living there while Brian finishes school at BYU. We had so much fun seeing their cute kids and playing non-stop. I think we saw and did about everything you could do while we were there. I know everyone thought we were crazy the two of us and 5 small kids. I think I totally wore out my sister. We went to the beach a lot, but I really wanted my kids to see what there was in Hawaii. We spent a Sunday afternoon walking around the Temple and in the Visitors Center. The Hawaii Temple was so beautiful. Summer lives around the corner from it so everyday we would pass it, and it would take my breath away every time. We went to Pearl Harbor which was really cool because it was a few days away from the anniversary. We got to see some veterans that were there on that day it happened. I had one sign in a book I had bought for Bryce. We swam with the big fish in Hanama Bay and walked along Waikiki Beach. We went to the Dole Pineapple plantation and rode the train. We spent an entire day at the Polynesian Cultural Center. That was a blast. We had dinner and went the night show "Breath of Life". We hiked up into Waimea Falls, which was so beautiful, and had lunch at the top where the waterfall is. They were filming a movie there which was kinda cool. We took the kids to the Sea Life Park were we saw dolphin shows. We spent an afternoon parked on the Lanikai Beach in Kailua. Its one of the best beaches in the world. The sand was like flour. We did so many amazing things, but more than all of that my favorite was spending time with my sister in her cute little apartment. It just felt so good to be with her and her family and let the kids all play. We were in tight quarters, with the girls on a blowup mattress, but it was better than any hotel had to offer. I will never forget this vacation and the generosity I experienced! I totally miss London and Caprese and hope to see them before they are all grown up! Brian better finish school fast!

Halloween Day in Logan!

We went up to Logan for the first time in a long time for Halloween. Our neighbors in Provo, the Tews, were up in Logan with family also. They stopped by and we got some pictures. It rained the whole time while trick-or-treating. Sailor and Crew only went for a little bit and Paige and Cage were die hards and did the whole ward. So fun!

Halloween Parties!

Sailor and her teacher happened to both be bumblebee's. I made Sailor use her dance costume for halloween. Paige picked a 40's sailor girl costume. We took them to a party where Paige especially loved. She walked up and down the catwalk while watching herself on the TV screen. She was so funny and cute dancing. She really let loose and totally shocked me. I guess all those nights that Bryce dances with them is paying off.


Bryce and I volunteered at Sailors kindergarten class field day. It was so fun to see all these cute little kids running around Pumpkinland!


Our annual fall trip to Thanksgiving Point. We met up with friends and had a blast. Notice Cash's little girlfriend.